Rubber Safety Surfaces

Our Monkey Proof wet pour, rubber safety surfaces are designed with resilience in mind. It’s quality ensures a non-slip safety surface that is non-abrasive with sweeping and the occasional hose down being the only maintenance required to maintain its condition.

It is a continuous and porous playground surface therefore eliminating potentially hazardous gaps, joins and puddles unlike most traditional safety surfaces.

An environmentally sound safety surface product produced from reconstituted commercial vehicle tyres recycling an otherwise hazardous waste product.

All Monkey Proof rubber safety surfaces are finished with an EDPM top coat. EDPM is non-toxic, non-staining and available in a choice of colours allowing you to create vibrant designs limited only by your imagination. We also offer an eye-catching variety of educational designs and will work with you during the design process to achieve your ideas.

Rubber Safety Surfaces | A Cost Effective Safety Solution

When considering purchasing rubber safety surfaces, a key consideration is the initial outlay, but importantly the actual cost of the playground surface projected over a period of years is cost effective. Due to the durability and quality of Monkey Proof rubber safety surfaces, more often than not, cheaper surfaces end up costing more in the long term due to extensive maintenance and replenishment costs.

Monkey Puzzle Playgrounds are part of the Monkey Puzzle Group which operates over thirty day nurseries nationwide. Because of this we have an insight into whnt constitutes a safe and stimulating outdoors play area fitted with rubber safety surfaces. For that reason you can be assured that every installation will be designed and produce by our child friendly experts!

Monkey Puzzle Playgrounds offer a free, no obligation site visit followed up by a 3D Cad drawing of your design. If you want to find out more about how Monkey Puzzle can create the ideal safety surface for your playground contact us.