How To Make An Inclusive Playground

Playgrounds are an important¬† part of a child’s development. In an ever increasing sedentary world where, iPads, computers and games consoles challenge physical activity as the leisure past time of choice, it is important to design and install play areas that are fun and challenging to encourage young users to return for more fun.

But let us not forget that a playground must be accessible to all children, not just the able bodied but also those that live with some form of impairment or disability.

When designing an inclusive playground there are a number of considerations that must be taken into account to ensure the highest quality play for all children. these include, access for those with disabilities, different risk levels, types of play surfaces and how challenging and entertaining the playground equipment will be for everyone that uses it.

Monkey Puzzle Playgrounds depth of knowledge in this sector has allowed us to advise on all aspects of inclusive playgrounds and our playground design and installations allow for the free movement of wheelchairs and buggies, include sensory features, play equipment that encourages coordination, teamwork, learning and development.

Put simply we believe the children don’t want to be seen as different, regardless of their abilities. Play should be inclusive to all and provide equipment that offer a wide range of functions so that children and teenagers of all abilities can play together.

If you are considering installing an inclusive playground or looking to redevelop an existing one we will be more than happy to visit you and advise on safety surfacing and playground equipment. So why not get in touch with one of our team of experts and begin planning a playground for all!

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