What Makes A Great Key Stage 2 Playground?

It goes without saying that the ability for children to have a creative outdoor play area is beneficial to their development. It has been proven that learning through play also improves concentration in the classroom. A well thought out playground will also encourage children to be creative, increase their social interaction and, importantly, improve the behaviour of many youngsters in the classroom.

Here at Monkey Puzzle Playgrounds, we design and install playgrounds with safety in mind, but that does not mean we completely eradicate risk!

Managed risk is highly important to a child’s development. Children should be encouraged to explore and discover their physical and creative limits.

A good example are climbing walls. Now they don’t have to be REALLY high, but high enough to challenge the children to push themselves to conquer it. Of course we work within safety perameters and install soft safety surfacing to protect children should they not make it to the top!

To stimulate social interaction, seating is important. The same area can be used for outdoor teaching, but will predominately act as a communal area for talking and socialising.

On the flip side of the coin, a good playground will provide a “quiet” area. Children don’t always want to tear around having fun, sometimes they want to take time out , just sitting and watching, or maybe they and a friend may want to play alone and not in a group.

But the core element of a good key stage 2 playground will always be physical activities. School playground equipment that encourage balancing, sliding and climbing will always be at the heart a playground and the use of colourful design will further improve the aesthetic environment.

Monkey Puzzle Playgrounds are proud of their award winning designs, why not take a look at some playground installation case studies and see what we could do for you.

Alternatively if you are looking for any playground design advice, or would like to view our brochure why not get in touch!

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