What Makes A Playground Safe?

Safe playground equipmentWe all know the benefits of outdoor play and learning in a preschool or school environment, but we do we know how to create a safe playground environment? Going ahead and installing a playground without fully understanding the necessary safety precautions can result in expensive litigation and possible closure. So with that in mind what makes a playground safe?

The key factors in evaluating the safety of any playground are design, spacing, safe surfaces and maintenance

What Makes A Playground Safe? | Design and Spacing

When designing a playground you first need to ascertain which age group will be using it. There are three age groups to consider, under 2’s and toddlers, 2-5 year olds and 5-12 your olds. If any of these different age groups are going to share a play area then each area should be separated and clearly designated to avoid confusion.

Playground equipment designed for older children will almost certainly be proportionally larger than that for a toddler and could lead to injury were they to play on it.

Keep to the guidelines below and you will create a safe and fun activity space.

  • Elevated surfaces should be protected by guard rails and ramps.
  • Any structure more than 30 inches in height should be spaced at least 9 feet apart.
  • Playground equipment with moving parts such as swings and seesaws should be installed away from the rest of the playground.
  • The same equipment should be checked for any pinch points that could lead to crushed fingers or hands.
  • Swings should be limited to 2 per bay and toddler bucket swings should have their own bay.
  • All openings on playground equipment, like bars on a guard rail or ladder rungs, should measure less that 3.5 inches or MORE than 9 inches to prevent a child’s head or other body part becoming trapped.
  • The same goes for climbing nets with the equipment openings that prevent a child falling through or eliminating entrapment of the head.

What Makes A Playground Safe? | Safe Surfaces

It goes without saying that solid hard surfaces such as concrete are unacceptable surfaces for a playground. Stick to the following and play it safe!

  • If you are using loose fill over a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete, it should be at least 3 inches deep, covered by a layer of geotextile cloth, a layer of loose fil surfacing material and then impact mats under the playground equipment.
  • Surfaces may be loosely filled with materials like mulch, pea gravel or shredded rubber.
  • Surface mats made of safety tested rubber or similar material are also satisfactory.
  • If the equipment is up to 8 feet high then loose fill safety surfaces should be at least 12 inches deep and not packed down.
  • There is a simple rule that if the combined height of a piece of playground equipment and a standing child is higher than 12 feet, then it is NOT safe.
  • The impact absorbent surface should extend at least 6 feet past the equipment, remember this is the minimum and additional safety surfacing may be needed if the swings are long or the slide is high.

What Makes A Playground Safe? | Maintenance

Installing a safe playground is not the end of your responsibilities. Maintaining it is just as important.

  • Ensure the equipment is not broken.
  • Check for splintering and cracks on wooden playground equipment.
  • Regular checks of the safe surfacing is paramount, especially loose filled. Ensure it is the correct depth and spread evenly.
  • Keep your playground clean and free of any debris or water hazards.
  • If you have a sandbox make sure it is covered when not in use to prevent contamination from animals such as cats and dogs.
  • If any of your playground equipment is found to be broken, loose or in need of maintenance it should immediately be made off limits until a professional has remedied of any problems.

If you diligently keep to the above guidelines then this should ensure a safe and fun playing environment. It is not an exhaustive list and when installing a playground seek the advice of industry professionals.

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